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A sampling of some of our favorite commercial projects.


the grove

hollywood, ca

The Grove, located in the heart of Los Angeles, has become a design influence for outdoor commercial centers since it finished construction.  The Grove’s design concept was to create an outdoor environment that creates the feeling of a downtown street.  A large space designed to provide a space that would function like a park amongst the open air market.  The interactive fountain provides entertainment but it also creates a central gathering space for the users.  Intimate spaces and corridors can be found between the buildings with an eye for detail throughout the project.  Rich paving, custom details, mature landscape and unique design solutions all help to create the outdoor shopping experience.

the commons

calabasas, ca

The Commons located in Calabasas, CA is a commercial center that provides its visitors with restaurants, shopping and entertainment.  The design of the center was a challenge because the building elevations were much higher than the street level. James Dean used this as an opportunity to design a continuous stream that meanders past the restaurants and becomes an eight foot high waterfall that empties into a large koi pond.  This water feature also serves as a pedestrian bridge entry and provides the center with great street recognition.  The design for the rest of the center uses the same creative design solutions to provide visitors with a new experience each time they visit.       

janss marketplace

thousand oaks, ca

Janss Marketplace was looking for a newly renovated space for their outdoor mall visitors.  James Dean Landscape Architecture provided them with an interactive fountain design that would provide an energetic space that engages the visitors.  The goal was to maintain the mall’s Native American theme while still creating a unique open space experience that serves the community.  The new fountain provides visitors with a new interactive visual and musical experience every hour with one of the half a dozen synced musical jet performances.  Not only does the design provide a new destination for the mall but it also includes a new passive turf area that has been used for summer outdoor concerts and movies for the local community.  

the promenade

westlake village, ca

The Westlake Promenade is an outdoor shopping experience with a continuous promenade filled with inviting corridors and intimate spaces.  James Dean Landscape Architecture provided a creative solution to the typical strip mall by designing gathering spaces throughout the rows of the shops and restaurants with water being the focal point.  These spaces present a source of interest as well as a functional space for eating, meeting and entertainment.  Each water feature was designed specifically for each space; taking into account the use of the space and the way people interact with the water.