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A sampling of some of our favorite civic projects.


ronald reagan presidential library

simi valley, ca

James Dean Landscape Architecture was honored to design the gardens and memorial site for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Our design concept borrows from the
traditional design elements of the White House.The design of the memorial site creates a place where visitors can pay their respects to the former world leader as they experience the gardens and spectacular view.The design is made up of several areas including the memorial site, formal rose gardens, fountain plaza, strolling walks and the Crab Apple tree grove appropriately named ‘Gipper’s Grove’. The grounds were designed to be flexible with the programming needs of
the Presidential Library while creating a garden that is beautiful throughout the year.

civic center park

calabasas, ca

The masterplan for the 22 acre open space park provides the surrounding community with miles of hiking
trails, an outdoor amphitheater and picnic areas. The park is not only significant to people of the surrounding
community but to the local ecology as well. The plan calls for over 500 native oak trees to be planted to
help regenerate a landscape that has been a subject invasion by both developers and weeds. Goats are proposed for the project’s weed abatement phase while the staircase entrance is designed to LEED Silver standards. This project is just one step in sustaining and regenerating
the suburban landscape of Southern California.

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