The Daggs Residence

Los Angeles ‣ California

The Daggs residence lies at the base of the Santa Susana Mountains separating the San Fernando and Simi Valleys in the outskirts of Los Angeles.  Purchased as a new tract home the one-half acre site was graded as a flat pad.  The Owners desired a natural setting with waterfalls, a swimming pool, entertainment areas and a walk up barbecue/bar, and a distinctive rear yard as well as a solution for the front driveway and entry walk. The Daggs had observed a natural appearing waterfall that we had designed for a local shopping center ten miles to the east of their site.  This water feature modeled their goal for their residence.  Placing this type of water feature in their rear yard presented a challenge since their site was relatively flat. A mountain style stream with many boulders was designed for one half of the site.  This stream terminates at a stone bridge near the swimming pool.  A blind weir is located beneath the bridge to separate the water from the stream and the treated water of the swimming pool.  The illusion is that the two water bodies are connected.

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