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The Tull Residence The Tull Residence is a luxury French château home resting in the hills of Calabasas.
The Siegfried Residence This Palm Springs residential estate makes the most of its surroundings through the use of classical details.  The owner’s wanted an entrance and landscape that would complement the home’s architecture as well as the surrounding environment.
The Sanani Residence The challenge in this tract home property was taking a relatively small space and creating an outdoor space was functional and elegant.  The gardens sound of flowing waterfalls, outdoor kitchen and flowering landscape met all of the client's expectations.
The Hayman Residence This Malibu Residence was a beautiful home sitting up overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  What makes this gated home’s design unique is use of space.
The Hair Residence James Dean Design had the pleasure working closely with Vita Nova on this residential renovation garden design.  Vita Nova are the designers and fabricators behind the tile work seen at the Bellagio and Wynn hotels in Las Vegas.
The Haines Residence James Dean Design was able to create several custom design details for this high end residential project.  The 1/2 acre garden was designed to provide enough space for outdoor sports and activities while holding on to the elegance and charm the client was looking for.
The Daggs Residence The Daggs residence lies at the base of the Santa Susana Mountains separating the San Fernando and Simi Valleys in the outskirts of Los Angeles.
The Beldin Residence A custom residential home nestled in the community of North Ranch in Thousand Oaks.  This project demostrates James Dean Design's ability to create subtle details throughout the garden to provide cohesiveness between the house and landscape.
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